Obviously, there are lots of questions that we hear all the time. Some of those are listed here. If your question is not answered here, please ask.

Can you fix my phone while I wait?
Some, but not all, repairs CAN be done while you wait. This does depend on availability of parts and how many devices are in line in front of you. We do offer a rush fee for some repairs, which moves you to the head of the line.
What brand of phones do you work on?
We can work on most brands of phones. In some cases, we will have to check for availability of parts.
What games can be played on the Retron 5?
The Retron 5 plays NES, SNES, Sega Genesis, Game Boy, and Famicom games. It also has the distinction of featuring HDMI output for modern TV's.
Do these RC cars run on gas?
We carry a wide variety of vehicles that run on nitro fuel. We also carry electric powered vehicles.
If you change my screen, will I lose all my information?
Not at all. You are just changing the screen, not the memory.
I pay a bench fee up front. What do I get for my bench fee?
The bench fee is a diagnostic fee which is due when you drop off your device. Within this fee, your device is diagnosed, and if we can repair it within that fee, we will. If parts are needed, we will call you first, and if you approve the repair, your bench fee will go toward the final balance.
Do you offer layaway?
Absolutely! We are happy to set you up on our layaway plan. It's just 25% down on a purchase of $100 or more and you have 60 days to pay it out.