Phone and Tablet
Sales and Service
  • We Repair All Makes and Models of Phones and Tablets
  • Broken Digitizer and LCD Replacements
  • Diagnosis and Repair of Charging and Battery Failures
  • We Carry Smartphones and Tablets in Store!

Computer Sales
and Service
  • We Repair All Makes and Models
  • Custom Built Systems
  • Virus Adware and Malware Removal
  • Software Updates

Video Game
Sales and Service
  • We Repair All Makes and Models
  • Classic Games and Consoles
  • Custom Controllers
  • A/V Cords Power Cords and Accessories

R/C, Hobby
and Robotics
  • We Carry the Hottest Brands
  • Electric and Nitro Vehicles
  • Airplanes, Drones, and Helicopters
  • Lots of Accessories



Welcome to Tek-Tronx, LLC. We are your Electronx Repair Center. Repairs are what we do best! Whether it's your mobile device, TV, or desktop computer, we can repair it. If you don't see what you need repaired, just drop us an email or give us a call, chances are we can repair whatever device you have. We pride ourselves in rapid repairs, 100% guaranteed confidentiality, and a chance to not only connect on a business level, but make friends in this ever expanding industry.



  • We Repair All Makes and Models
  • Component Level Troubleshooting
  • No Sound or No Picture Diagnosis
  • Lightning and Surge Repair


  • Convert Your Old VHS Tapes to DVD
  • Convert Records and Tapes to CD
  • Your Data Is Safe: We convert In House!
  • Avoid Long Delays and High Prices


  • Nationwide Cellular Service
  • Financing - No Credit Needed!
  • Layaway Option

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Tek-Tronx is open again. We are very sorry for closing due to the virus everyone had but, we are glad we didn't pass it on to anyone else. Thank you for your patience, Tek-Tronx
We are going to do our best to have at least a skeleton crew tomorrow. In the 8 years of our existence, this is the first time the entire staff has had a virus @ the same time. Please be patient with us, we don't want to spread this terrible virus to our customers. Thank you Tek-Tronx
We are extremely regretful to our customers however, all of the staff is out today due to virus/flu. Again, we regret any inconvenience this has caused. We will post updates per re-opening. Thank You
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We will be closing at 2:00 today. We only have 2 C-Spire like new phones left, we only have 1 Asus Windows Mixed Reality Headset left, and a few electronic robot's and kits. Come get it now before we close! We will be closed Christmas Day and the day after Christmas. We will reopen 9:00 A.M. Thursday morning the 27th. Merry Christmas everyone and please remember that Christmas is about the Celebration of our Savior's birth!! Tim
We have some really sweet prices on our Samsung S9, Galaxy S7 Edge, iPhone and watches. Stop in to see the best deals! Best prices on laptops and tablets, MacBook chargers, and many other hard to find accessories. Come check out the wireless boundary alert system. Need to know when someone is coming? This thing will let you know upto a half mile away that someone is on your property! Of course we get old school retron games weekly, and we keep the most desirable game systems in stock. Your RC stuff like cars, trucks, drones etc...are ready to buy or put on layaway for Christmas!! Need your electronx repaired? Take it to the Tek-Shak in Tek-Tronx!!
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Hmmm....Nuff said.
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It's very unfortunate that some people are dishonest, and think for some reason they are privileged and can treat people like dirt. Without getting into specifics, we had an out of town customer that appeared to be on drugs and really showed out, which in turn had a female staff member in tears. She told him he needed Jesus! We love our customers, and are very grateful for each of them however, please treat people like you want to be treated, it's a great way to live life. Although this customer was very threatening, dishonest, and used offensive language we must not forget that Jesus died for him too, and loves him just as much as He loves me and you. None of us are perfect, especially me! I'll be praying for Bruce. Just thought I'd share, have a great day!!